Fishing is a family event sure to produce memories that will last a lifetime! Deschenes Lake Tourist Camp in Northern Ontario is ready to outfit you and your entire family or friends with absolutely everything you will need to experience quality fishing at its very best!

No matter what type of fisherman you may be, whether you are after that tro-phy, or would like to match wits with our spirited trout, or just get your limit, this is where its at.
Delicious walleye are both plentiful and BIG, great northern pike lurk in nearby lakes, Speckled, Rainbow, Aurora and Lake Trout abound in our cold clear water.



Guests of Deschenes Lake Tourist Camp in Northern Ontario have successfully hunted numerous bears and moose over the years. During hunting season, you are in the ideal location for hunting of the prized bear and moose. Deep in the heart of the Canadian Shield, you are in the Moose and Bear Country!

This is Moose country, Challenge the monarch of the forest, His magnifi-cence the Moose. Your challenge will not go unanswered, for the early part of October is his mating period. A thrilling and spine tingling adventure. Excellent Bear and Small game & Waterfowl hunting.



Are you interested in cruising around Deschenes Lake in comfort? Or do you simply want a big, stable platform to fish from? We offer fishing boat rentals without outboard motors, paddle boats, stand up paddle boards and canoes for your enjoyment!



Experience what your ATV was built for when you take to Deschene Lake’s selection of trails. Enjoy a leisurely self-guided tour on well-marked trails. ATVing in the Deschenes Lake region is always an adventure!